I am delighted to welcome you to QCA Academy. I hope to convey the passion and enthusiasm that both staff and students bring to all that do here, QCA Academy such a wonderful place to learn.

Founded in 2014, QCA Academy is renowned for the outstanding holistic education that we provide. As a collage we have a strong focus on student’s academic progress and achievement and continuation to university is the chosen route for the significant majority. We deliver a curriculum model based upon the KPK Text Book Board Curriculum.

Students work in an environment where they are stretched and challenged and have their expectation raised to achieve demanding targets. This is evidenced in the latest results where our students have done exceptionally well. Such success is a result of the partnership between the Collage, the students and parents through our commitment to parental engagement. I am very proud of the exceptional body of teaching staff we have working across the collage, engaging the students in a wide range of exciting learning opportunities.

Our student’s success cannot be defined by qualifications alone. Students leave the collage as dynamic and impactful global citizens, equipped to play a leading role in whichever walk of life they choose. To achieve this, students are encouraged to participate in the extensive array opportunities which exist beyond the classroom.

QCA Academy is a challenging and yet exhilarating place to learn. I hope that this is shown through this prospectus. I would warmly welcome you to come and visit to experience for yourself all that QCA Academy has to offer.